Want to know what to do with your old analogue TV? Recycle it!


From 4 April television services in London will go completely digital and analogue stations will be turned off for good.  

If this has made you consider buying a new digital television, remember you can always adapt your old TV with a converter box. If you really don’t want it anymore call your council for a collection or recycle it at your local Household Recycling Centre (the tip).

How can I use my existing TV?

For the cheapest (and greenest) option, you can add a digital converter box to your analogue TV. Digital converter boxes are convenient, widely available and relatively cheap.  Attach the antenna to the digital converter box by ‘coaxial’ cable, and use another cable to connect the converter box to the TV.

Even if you replace your main TV with a digital television, it may still be useful. An analogue TV with a digital television converter could be useful in a spare bedroom, office, or you could donate it to a charity

Reuse is also green than recycling as it uses up less energy and fewer resources overall! 

Why should I recycle my analogue TV?

Analogue televisions often contain hazardous chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. When disposed of improperly, these chemicals can end up in our bodies and are  harmful to the environment when not properly managed.

TVs are also bulky and take up a lot of valuable space if sent to landfill. However, they can provide useful materials if reused or recycled instead.

How do I recycle my analogue TV?

·         Your local council collection or recycling centre

Call your local council or visit their website to arrange for ‘bulky waste collection‘. (some councils may charge for this service).  Find their contact details by entering your postcode into the postcode recycler tool on the righthand side of the page.

You can also use the locator tool to find out where your local Household Recycling Centre (HRC) is where you can drop off old TVs if that suits you.

·         Donate to charity

The British Heart Foundation will be happy to collect your TV. They will mend your unwanted TV and make it safe before selling it at a discounted price.  


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