Bin-digestion (noun):

The need to pile up your recycling around a rubbish bin because of limited storage space.

Do you suffer from bin-digestion? You're not alone. We know from our recent survey that this is a common problem for us Londoners. For a whole number of reasons, lots of us only have one main indoor bin (usually in the kitchen), which means our recycling ends up in a pile next to the bin, or worse, ends up being chucked in the rubbish bin along with everything else.

So, because we know recycling probably isn't high on your priority list, we'd like to inspire you to get creative with recycling storage at home and sort out your bin areas once and for all. Check out our bin hacks below for loads of ideas on how to create lots of extra space for your recycling.*

Alternatively if you're not really the crafty type, you could use an empty box or a re-usable bag hung on the back of a door - or even get yourself another bin just for your recycling. You don't need to break the bank; there are loads of super cheap options out there.

Let's end the days of embarrassingly messy bin areas and get your friends feeling bin envy instead!

Did you know?

  • Over one third of Londoners have said they would recycle more if they had more than one bin at home
  • More than half of those we surveyed regularly suffer from 'bin-digestion' - piling up of recycling around their rubbish bins
  • Almost one third of Londoners say they have 'bin shame' and would be embarrassed for others to see how messy their bins are at home